Decorative Metal Moulding Profile Catalog

Overwhelmed by having 1,400+ moulding profiles from which to choose?

metal moulding examplesToday it’s easier than ever to interact with our metal mouldings prior to ordering. Each moulding shape in our catalog (dating back over 100 years) is available as a downloadable file. Anything you see can be quoted.

Rely on our moulding catalog for:

  • Easy quoting
  • Ease of design
  • Quicker communication with us
  • Easily finding the metal moulding you need

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Baseboard Moulding Profile Catalog

Why is Dahlstrom the best place to buy exterior and interior baseboard mouldings? Possibilities.

Check out our hundreds of custom baseboard moulding styles, from modern and contemporary to classical and simple. Our products come in a variety of metals — from stainless steel to prevent dings in a busy corridor, to luxury “red metals” that radiate elegance in a public space. Unlike other types of baseboard moulding styles (i.e. polyurethane and wood trim baseboard mouldings), metal baseboards withstand scuffs and dents from a heavy foot or suitcase traffic.

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Door Casing Moulding Profile Catalog

Metal door casing profiles are also available in a variety of materials to liven up a long-ignored design element. We offer both simple and contemporary door casing styles and profiles. Metal is more resistant than vinyl, MDF, and wood door casing trim profiles to the dents and chips typical in busy doorways.

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Cornice Moulding Profiles Catalog

All decorative cornice moulding suppliers provide you with something that redirects moisture … but why not add some unique flair? Also available in numerous shapes and materials, metal cornice mouldings don’t rot or become infested with pests. With all architectural cornices & mouldings, you can add a prepainted or powder coated finish for additional protection and aesthetic versatility.

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